cant open email attachments

    as title says, i cant open email attachments for some reason. they are only word documents so its not because the computer doesnt no which program to open the file in.

    the attachment is scanned as normal and i am asked whether i want to save or open it, it doesnt matter what i select, all it says is getting file information and wont download it.

    any suggestios please, as i am getting REALLY annoyed with now


    have you tried saving the document and then opening it just in word pad if word doesnt work?? :-)

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    it wont let me open it or save it i dont have that option

    has it automatically downloaded it somewhere or do you not have Microsoft office or similar on your laptop ?

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    no, i have office installed, it just says getting file information, its after thst it should download

    dont sound too clever to me, is it from a reliable source??

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    yes, my wife sent it to herself from her work!

    Have you looked at your firewall or virus checker
    The Norton virus checker for instance when first loaded is set to high security and will block most attachments until you lower the shields and let it take "trusted" attachments:).
    If you are using windows live mail again security defaults to no attachments under "do not allow attachments to be saved or opened with possible virus" In other words most attachments:x

    Hi Fenny
    Did you fix your email problem?:-D
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