Can't open Hotmail emails using Google Chrome.

Found 16th Jan 2009
Been using Chrome for some time now and when i want to view my Hotmail emails IE auto kicks in. Since the latest Windows Live Messenger update when i go to click into my email Chrome now auto connects to my inbox instead of IE which is ok but the touble is is that none of the features work now ie can't click into the email, can't delete emails etc etc.

Anyone having this problem and what they have done to eradicate it? thx!
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Any1, someone must have this problem?? hellllppp!
hotmail works fine on chrome for me try clearing your browser data

most prob a cookie prob

edit just tried to open a email i have the same prob as you
Yay! cheers dj thought i was all alone here with this problem

Ill try mobile.com, me thinks this is a sneaky plot by those greedy stinking MS goons to convert us back to the pap IE.

EDIT* Im guessing your viewing your hotmail through your mobile? i don't have that on mine as, well i threw my phone down the works stairs last week ;/

But if you are using that mobile site and have been able to click the top tab for hotmail which then takes you into your emails then that still won't work.
This getting bloody annoying now, you seen any hotfixes yet dj?

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