cant rember website. play games through website, no matter what your pc?

there was a website where (apparantly) you can play top level games through there website on your computer. something like you see the image of it playing on there high level ones or something? i cant remember but it was really new (it wasent out yet, last time i looked a couple of months ago) so hopefully someone remebers it =)



OnLive ?

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ah tht was it. thank you (H&R) =)



ah tht was it. thank you (H&R) =)

Thanks for the heat :oops:

I've voted cold just to keep it fair......:)

is this live yet? do you need to buy the adaptor to play?

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oh dear....rep i ment. although nout wrong with a bit more heat =D

and not yet. sign up for the waiting list, and first year is free (if you get in) im still sceptical about this but if it does work then it will be fantastic. can finally play some half decent games on my pc

gaikai seems to be a better service and has been in development for twice as long.

it plays via your web browser, you play games for free then pay if you want to keep them.

dave perry is making it though, as much as i respect the guy hes responsible for the tragic enter the matrix game.
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