cant remember a movie title

Its new i dont know if its out yet, its animated and is about a chubby boy scout and a grumpy old man and the old man makes his house fly with lots of bollons, their is a dog with a collar that makes him speak.

if any1 can help that would be great its a xmas gift.


The film is Up.


It's one amazing film, i watched it last night.

The first 10 minutes is probably better than the whole of most other films in a long long time

film is called up but you wont get it for xmas (not this year anyway) as it is still on at the cinemas at the mo.

Original Poster

thanks, thats probably why i cant find it

If you have a blu ray player you can check on movie Tyme website use google to find web address and itl tell you if it's region free if so you can import it from America sometimes 6 months before it's over here up is currently region a so will not play over here unfortunatley
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