cant remember the free stuff site

    yey guys n gals, i remember reading on here about an internet site where people put on stuff they dont want anymore and others can have for free instead of them throwing it away. it was sorted into regions etc for pickup. can anyone help with this. been searchin for the last hour =(


    is it freecycle?

    Original Poster

    thats the 1!!!! i love you!

    Has anyone ever used this?

    I have considered it but never taken the plunge as don't know of anyone else who has.

    I can vouch for Freecycle!
    Very, very good!
    If you see somethign you are interested in, send a message to the person, and if they feel you are worthy to have it, they will be in touch with you! I tend to leave my number for them to call me to show Im willing to have the item.

    Go for it Suze - you have nothing to Luze! lol
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