Can't spend Adams vouchers?

    My kids got some Adams vouchers as a gift but our local store had already closed as they are in liquidation, and you can't spend vouchers online! Anyway, I contacted them online explained situation and they provided me with a code to the value of the voucher amount and I was able to spend the vouchers in the end. Just in case anyone out there has the same problem! Cheers.


    Adams have been taken over and vouchers will still be able to be used.

    Cant You Use Them Online??

    Thanks for sharing OP. It's always handy in case someone I know runs into the same problem!

    Original Poster

    Yeah, you can still spend vouchers in store, but unfortunately my local store had closed. And No, you can't use then online for what ever reason. Thanks for reading.:thumbsup:

    How do you contact them online: have you got an email address? Thanks

    on the website there is a contact us them..i gotta reply next day.

    yes thanks - they are sending me a code now!

    any voucher issues best thing to do ring them, or write to them at website address. i had an unfranked voucher which got replaced in end. i will aim to spend it asap because of the uncertinity. anyone whos locals have closed i would be happy to come to an agreement over these vouchers to help you out. i know of two within a 30 minute radius open still in birmingham.
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