Can't use Micro SDHC with DSTT reader?!

    I got a new 8gb Micro SDHC card from for £16.99 which didn't come with the Micro Mate reader but did come with a SD adapter. I didn't think I needed one as one came with my DSTT and it does say it's a SDHC reader on the box. But the Micro SDHC card doesn't fit in the reader! So I tried the SD adapter and my PC doesn't reconize it, tried it with a Micro SD and that worked. Does this mean I'm going to have to get a Micro SDHC reader? Annoying as I could have got 8gb Micro SDHC + Micro Mate reader for £17.99! Is there anywhere I could get just the reader cheap?


    The one that came with my dstt works fine.

    Pull the cover off, use the string/keychain bit to help. Push the micro-sd into the now exposed slot, mine was tight when new ard required a bit of 'wiggling', then plug it in into a usb port.

    tip, use the panasonic sd formatter for sdhc mem cards, the built in windows formating tools have caused trouble for some.

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    Yeah, I just tried it and it worked, it's thicker than the 1gb card I had and even harder to pull out! Thanks
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