Posted 19th Jul 2022 (Posted 2 h, 40 m ago)
Bought a netflix 100tl gift code from turkey and it’s not working. I also can’t update my payment method for some reason. Any help? Thanns
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    I have an issue with Netflix turkey at moment as my revolut card expiring and they need a Turkish phone number. Is that your problem too?

    I'read can input new payment without phone number on TV app so will wait for my card to expire fully.
    You can also use chat. I had my vpn on and said I was an expat in Turkey. They sent me a link and I added my new card with no mobile number verification needed.
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    What are you seeing when you're unable to use? Is there an error message?

    Are you applying whilst on VPN?
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    Try a different VPN
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    Go on VPN. Make sure you go to Turkey netflix. Log in. Speak to the customer adviser online. I just told them it wouldn't take my gift card. Told them the number. And they put it on.

    Also with updating a card. Again on the online chat, tell them you want to update your card details but you don't have a phone at the moment. They will send a form though the chat for you to update card details.
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    Its working now guys!thank you anyway!! Added gift card and then a new payment method throgh a secure form webchat
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