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    Is there anywhere that can put a photo onto a canvas for around £20?

    doesnt need to be huge...



    Yes, I can personally recommend a guy on the bay. Not sure if we are allowed to link to them though, so if you search for paulcoxx (aka the time man) you'll find him. Excellent service and 1 day turnaround.

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    I take it his measurements are in inches? or are they centimetres?

    Inches. Or by the general A3, A4, A5, etc standards.

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    Gone for the A4 size. Wasnt sure whther i wanted a wood frame...

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    Try your local Uni Design/Textiles Dept, The commercial printers charge a fortune for a decent print, While I get my artwork printed up for £35 per metre, and thats with the canvas being 44" wide, So i can get a number of small prints in 1 metre, or one huge print.

    Found a high street shop that put prints onto canvas frames from £20 or a 12" by 10" up to £70 for a 36" by 24". I know ebay is cheaper, the benefit from the shop is for only another £5 they will take a proper picture too. A just ordered the biggest from the Art retail shop in East Kilbride shoping center, but they have them all over the uk ie the print shops, for £75, photographer quoted over £300 for the same size.

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    Ive already gone for one. But thanks for the ideas...

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