Canvas Paintings on Ebay

I have been looking for some modern paintings to go in my den, my home cinema and some other rooms and some paintings on ebay caught my eye.
The user who sells them has this shop:…ery
(I dont think im allowed to post the link so you guys can put in the www. )

If you go there and click on Pop Art Canvas Paintings in the sidebar, half way down. - This takes you to the paintings section. There are loads of paintings but I particularly like paintings in sections:
-Star Wars
-Bruce Lee
-Mohammed Ali

They are quite cool. The dimensions are given and it says that you have to stretch them on canvas yourself (not a problem for me).

My main worry is whether these are real, handpainted paintings or whether they are cheap tat.
The prices are reasonable for the paintings.

What do you guys think, is it all legitemate or will they look cr*p?


cant tell really can you and all his auctions are private so you cant see in feedback what has been bought?

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Yup, its v.anoying. Its a long shot but if anyone on here has ever bought a painting from there, please speak up.

Cna't imagine they are handpainted tbh. Most likely prints.

They are prints...

We bought one for a mate (Ali), but it is good quality


I bought one of these, and am about to get another custom one done, they are prints, tI think they look great and prefer them to £4 posters

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They are prints...We bought one for a mate (Ali), but it is good quality … They are prints...We bought one for a mate (Ali), but it is good quality

Sorry about my ignorance, but what are prints?
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