Found 16th Sep 2016
I have ordered a few before from various places and was very happy when they arrived and were hung
Two of them have massively faded over 2 years to the point Iv taken them down (in no direct sunlight)
Two have remained fine.

Iv noticed a big difference in price and now I need to re-order a couple.
Say for example 24" x 24" (60x60xm) lot of sellers on amazon and ebay selling this size for approx £15-£20 with good overall feedback.
Then you have the supermarkets, costco, and photo places that want £50+ for the same size.
It it worth spending so much, are there any really good places or anything important to look out for? Thanks


I bought 2 from tescos about 5 years ago and they still look the same as they did when I bought them so I didn't even know that they can fade. Seems odd that yours should be fading. Wonder if there is something in the air where you are, like you are by the sea where the air is erosive?

All prints will fade if in direct sunlight. Also some inks are better at lasting than others. I bought one from Tesco in 2012 and it looks the same. It's on the wall just above the radiator
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