Capitalone help

    Hi guys i need some help :thumbsup:

    me and the missus got a capitalone credit card when she was 18 (just over a year ago) she had no credit and i new capitalone was a good starting point (credit card wise)

    the problem we have is the card had a £200 limit when we joined (which they charged us a £200 security deposit for)

    now a year on our limit is still only £200 wen ever we ring them and ask for a increase they say they dont deal with increases over the phone and that they will write to us when we can have one

    a month after joining capitalone we joined sky card started with a £400 limit which they then upped to £700 then £1000 with us not even asking

    what can we do about capitalone other then leaving them

    is there a certain number to ring for credit increases or anything we can say to get them listening

    i no some may say join another credit card company

    but the problem the missus has is we have just moved house (which has a terrible credit history due to so many debts from past tennants + she aint on the electorial roll)

    any help would be great :-D


    I closed my capital one (£200 limit) card after 2 years with them... no limit increase and I asked many times
    I have credit cards (total of £15,000) from different companies now but capital one never upped my limit

    You need to get her on the Electoral Roll asap.
    You could apply for credit cards then have her name put on them as a second card user.
    It could be worth getting a copy of your/her credit report.
    This is a good start, you get 30 days free, don't forget to cancel.
    Experian are one of the biggest credit reference agencies, Equifax is the next biggest:-

    Capital one are very poor. Even with things like balance transfers, they take about two weeks from time of reuest and normally by then I've forgotten about them.
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