Caption Of The Week 2

    Last weeks winner was trickyjabs with.

    ""While I'm distracting everyone's attention with the light sabre in my left hand, I'm feeling the invisible woman's t*t with my right!""

    This weeks winner will be announced this time in 7 days.

    Caption below. Enjoy!


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    The BG1 & JFK wiv their burbs !

    Original Poster


    The BG1 & JFK wiv their burbs !

    And we have a winner!

    (jokes, please keep them coming)

    Picture Left to Right: Cant Stop Touching, Eating, Constipating & Sucking

    hi i'm Stella & i'm Artois & we are the chav sisters.

    Hospital succeeds with new vomit-inducer: picture proves quicker and better than stomach pump.

    "4 Reasons to emigrate"?

    Looks to be the right place, "am I at the chavs anonymous meeting?"

    Amy Winehouse : Back on the road to recovery.

    You see what happens when cousins are allowed to marry?


    Oooooh I have a good one but I am not that cruel!

    me too but a suspension would surely follow :-D so tempting though

    Original Poster

    Feel free to PM me the bad ones and if they are better ones than on the thread i will declare them the winner!


    "I wished I earned £300K PA and could play football."

    Jordan and Kerry katona enjoy the british club scene

    Call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

    "she thinks its his but its actually mine" (guy with green jacket on)

    Original Poster

    anymore. bad tasted ones can be sent via PM


    Stella Artois full crate at Tesco in deals..............£4.99
    Chavtastic Fred Perry Hoodie in FS/FT ..............£9.99
    Getting pregnant in Misc....................................Priceless

    "you're 15" any use on this one? :lol:
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