Caption Of The Week 3

    Last weeks winner was splatsplatsplat with.

    "4 Reasons to emigrate"?

    This weeks winner will be announced this time in 7 days.

    Caption below. Enjoy!


    Original Poster

    spot the turkey:thumbsup:

    He's enjoying it

    That's just foul :w00t:

    I love a good gobble!

    Give me back my offspring!!

    Where's Bill Clinton Right now, i could do with his help getting out of this one!

    The Return of Monica Lewinsky...

    a bird in the bush is worth two aids at hand

    ok I've stuffed this country good & proper, see if i can do it to the turkey :w00t:

    "How do i get my wife in this postion"

    Keep your pecker up sir

    when i said i would'nt mind seeing a cockortwo this is not what i meant !

    Cockerel " It started off as a boil on the end of my beak"

    "turn that camera off, cant you see im busy"

    Ahhhhhh so that's what you meant when you said you were going to invade Turkey and give them a right good stuffing.


    What a little pecker.

    I don't think pulling that kind of bird proves your straight Mr President.

    Turkey steps in to search for weapons of mass destruction

    'Is that the best gobble you can manage?'

    Randy bird caught playing with her bush:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Less than 24hrs to go :thumbsup:


    i do like my big birds

    Original Poster


    That's just foul :w00t:

    I'm going to have to go for the one liner here..

    This is this weeks winner.

    Taking a break but this will be returning soon.....
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