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    I reckon the woman was saying "I always get my balls caught on the net when I serve".



    dont rub em ...count em or new balls please

    So this is what a thong feels like....

    I think he's saying "What do you think?"
    She's saying "put it away..."
    And the person next to her is saying to themself "Just look away, just look away, just look away...."

    (considering where the first guy's hand is :giggle: :whistling: )

    Harriet Harmon is saying to Tony Blair...."sitting on the fence again are we?" :-D

    Original Poster

    One off the Holy Moly site said "As the cost of the olympics rises, Tony Blair results to faking videos for You've Been Framed in order to raise some cash..."

    You really don't have any balls to get caught, do you Tony ?


    Would you like to borrow my Canesten Tony ?

    Tony Blair gets his ankles cut off in a brutal sports slaying

    Finally Blair is 'Court' in the act...

    Tessa is saying "put it away Tony we all accept that it's as long as the net"

    or "yes Tony I did see that university photo of you in the straw boater hat"

    you'll need have seen a recent edition of Newsnight to get that one.

    feels almost the same as when my wife comes to bed in her net stockings...vrum vrum!!

    Harriet Harmon is saying " No Tony, i said this interview was going out over the IN-TER-NET" :thumbsup:

    "9.6 billion for the olympics? I've certainly got my balls court in a twist here"
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