Capture video from VGA of Graphics card?

    I have a xbox 360 and my PC has a Geforce 7300GT with a VGA and DVI port. At the moment the PC monitor is connected to the DVI port. I use a VGA cable for my xbox 360.

    Is it possible to plug the xbox 360 to the graphics cards VGA port and record the video of what the xbox 360 is displaying?


    I would have to say no, can't think of any other way other than using a video camera! Maybe someone else could help a bit further?

    It's not possible, the VGA port on the graphics card is output only. Some graphics cards do have a capture facility builtin but that would be using composite/s-video. You can buy a PCI card or USb device for capturing composite/s-video footage from your 360 but that's obviously lower quality.

    I believe there are capture devices which can record from component (similar quality to VGA) but I have no experience of them and believe they need huge amounts of space for recording.


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    Its got S-video


    Its got S-video

    Thats for output aswell, thats for tv's etc...

    so you'd need a capture card, found this thread basically explains what you need :…493


    Its got S-video

    Probably output only though, some cards can do both in and out on one s-video port (usually called VIVO, Video In Video Out) but you'd probably know if this was the case as it would have been clearly labelled as having this capability on the box.

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