car accident 6 months ago - today letter with legal proceedings

    My mother was in a car accident about 6 months ago went into the back of someone.

    The others ladies car wasnt badly damaged it was a 4x4 Lexus 10 years old and bumper was scratched and dented (no other panel) my mum took a few photo's of the damage of other car and all was amicable with other lady and there were no injuries.

    My mums car was alot worse off on the front end, but it was all fixed quickly within 2 weeks the insurance paid and we took to a local garage of their insurers choice.

    Out of the blue we have received a solictors letter today many months later stating:
    "We have not been able to negotiate settlements of our clients claim with your insurers. Legel proceedings have therefore been commenced and they will be served upon you shortly. Please pass documents to your insurers immediately once received"

    Il have to call my insurers in the morning to try and find out what going on as they are closed now, but I reallysont don’t see why it would come to this


    she want to claim whiplash etc...some people do this for money but if you got evidence then you should be fine but ring you're insurers the day they open asap...hope it all turns out In you're favour

    tell your insurer, provide as much info and details as possible and let them sort everything out.

    I wouldn't worry too much, the insurance company's can't agree on a settlement. It might mean your mum going to a court. But it's a civil matter so she won't be convicted. It could be your insurance company think the other driver is trying it on, possibly claiming injury. Because of so many fraudulent claims now days, your insurers are going to defend it.
    At worse, she might lose a no claims bonus, but if she's insured the insurance company will pay.
    I had an accident, it took 3 years to sort it out.


    Who is your mums insurers?

    Just so I can stay away from them in the future.

    It should never get to court.

    Hang on they should NOT be serving papers on you that's what insurance is for if they can't settle they serve papers on the INSURER.

    Something isn't right here get onto the insurer ASAP. I don't see how they can serve on you your insurance indemnifies you. I wonder if this is some dodgy ambulance chasing claim line.

    I'd write back saying sod off deal with the insurance company & any further correspondence will be charged at £50 a letter

    Got knocked off my motorbike, got up, went home and drove into work. A week short of 3 years the man who hit me started proceedings for compensation due to injuries. I suspect someone cold calls these people and convinces them they have nothing to lose. The man who hit me was local, case seems to have been dropped, may be something to do with me saying I would contest and have him for lying. He never missed a day off work either, just claimed for 3 months van rental whilst his bonnet had a 50p sized bump (caused by my foot) repaired.

    sounds like a scam from the other people getting more money from you

    Always call the police even if you are not injured. A car hits a 4x4 and the other driver is trying to get compensated, no wonder the insurer won't pay

    Ever picked up your phone and heard a recorded voice saying something along the lines of "We are calling you about the accident you had recently and the un-recieved compensation money."

    They will send the court papers to your Mum as she was responsible. She does not need to worry as her insurance will deal with the case for her. Telephone when they are open let hem know whats happening and ask for the address to send the papers onto.

    She would have already lost her no claims so she doesn't need to worry. The only negative is if she re-insures with a different company while this is outstanding as she would still have this claim showing as not settled.

    It's nothing to worry about.

    Simply forward the letter to her insurance company. take a photocopy and have it delivered signed for. once received by insurance print off delivery signature and clip to your copy of the letter and file it. do not reply to her solicitors.

    then just forget it. this is the insurance company's job.

    it sounds like a solicitor trying to make money off the accident. I had one recently rang... 'we are calling about your recent car accident' me..... ' that's interesting, I haven't had a car accident' they hung up.

    Seems odd that they wrote to you out of the blue with a threatening letter? Suspicious even.. here's a 4 point plan to use at your discretion.

    1. Don't worry about anything!
    2. Phone and inform your Insurence company of any relevant details. (If you haven't already)
    3. Don't worry about anything!
    4. Make a tea and get on with your life.

    "We have not been able to negotiate settlements of our clients claim with your insurers. Legel proceedings have therefore been commenced and they will be served upon you shortly. Please pass documents to your insurers immediately once received"

    If this was the wording, I think is speaks for itself
    Do contact your insurers and let them sort it out


    yea you can receive a one off letter like this. basically it's a copy sent to you and your insurance.

    How did they get your mothers address in the first place ? her insurance company have no right giving out private information to some 3rd party without a court order.
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