Car accident, other driver admitted the fault, need advice please !!!

Found 17th Apr 2009
Hi there,

My friend's car has been hit by another car while it was parked infront of his house. The driver who hit the car, gave his insurance details and admitted that he was at fault. The car is badly damaged and will be written off, most probably. No one is injured and my friend has got a fully comprehensive insurance with legal cover.
Does it affect his no claims bonus If my friend files the claim with his insurance company and the other driver's company pays for the fault of other driver? Secondly, will my friend get the whole book value of the car (about £600-700) or his insurance company will deduct the excess (£250) from it. What will be the situation if the other driver backs off later on and denies that the fault was his.

Any advice in this regards will be highly appreciated and rep will be left.
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Your friend can claim from his own company who will make pay out for the car if its written off (minus the excess). If the other driver is to blame the insurance company will recover the payout and the excess from the other company and re-instate the no-claims bonus and send a cheque for the excess to your friend.
If the other driver has insurance and it is defintely his fault (he still admits it and insurance company agree) then no it wont affect his no claims but he will have to declare it when he gets insurance. Again if not his fault wont have to pay excess. If the driver hit a stationary vehicle then its his fault. Insurance company prob wont argue that.
oh goodluck for your friend. How embarassing for the driver to have hit a parked car! Can't see how they would get out of that one. Their insurance should pay the book value, so no excess should be taken and it won't effect the no claims bonus of your friend.
I had a similar prob a few weeks ago. Some kid drove straight into my car. He admitted it was his fault immediately but I was sure he'd change his tune once he got home a spoke to his dad! Fortunately he coughed up to his insurers straight away and I got my car sorted without having to pay the excess. Haven't lost my no claims either.

If I was your mate I wouldn't take the first offer the insurers make.
Has your friend told his insurers? First thing to do is call them and they will take the case up for him anyway. No defence to hitting a parked car is there?!
Thanks guys for your replies. So it all comes down to proving how it all happened. It could be really straightforward if there was a witness there but there was none. Is there anything which my friend can do to make sure that the whole scenario gets registered as it was in real and the other guy cant back off in case he changes his mind. He doesnt have anything to prove that the other guy admitted his fault. I hope I make myself clear,

Best Regards
take photos, speak to neighbours and ask if they seen it. Write down what happenned. If the car in the drive and its been hit, take a photo to show that - there will be glass or whatever on the road which will show what happenned.
This has happened to me. the other driver admited liability and I claimed through their insurance, no hastle at all and It didn't affect my insurance/no claims either
Thanks very much guys for your support, my mate rests in peace now

Thanks very much guys for your support, my mate rests in peace now

Did he die of shock afterwards:giggle:

Did he die of shock afterwards:giggle:

lol ... not after the accident but after I told him that he wont lose his NCB, he felt quite better. Interestingly, this friend of mine never believed in forums and now he is impressed that I got about 10 replies in 20 minutes or so. Hats off to HUKD:whistling:
this happened to me 11months ago,i got what i paid for the car plus got a courtesy car till a offer was made,which your mate should get too.but although i was paid out ok the insurance company have not got round to getting the money back of the third party so the accident is down as a at fault to me thus making my insurance more this time even though ive got protected no tell your mate to get onto his insurance company and dont stop till he gets paid out a letter saying the claim is closed

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