car acident advice wanted please

    my friend has hit a car no one was injured and hes asking for advice,he drove off but someone got his registration number,will he be arrested for it,thanks.



    yes, leaving the scene of an accident, and not reporting it himself

    I suggest he call the police to discuss it before they come and discuss it with him
    as well as talk to his insurance and of course contact the owner of the car he hit


    If he damaged someones car and does not report hoping to get away then yes, he needs to report it to the police himself within 24 hours.

    Hope so


    He's a scum bag if he drove off.

    He needs to report it to the police within a certain amoutn of time. 24 hours or 48 hours not sure. He should be arrested though, thats out of order!

    Yes. Tell him to phone the cops.

    I can't stand people like that. That's one of the reasons my (and everyone elses) insurance is expensive.


    so you think he should not report it if he wont get arrested......

    2 numbskulls

    would you or he peeved if someone damaged your cars..........gtfo this country

    "my friend has hit a car"

    :? So how do you know some one took the registration number?

    Still think should have stopped any way should be worth a few points on the old licence
    Failing to stop 3 points
    Failing to report an accident 3 points?
    Not reporting to insurance company------ paying for the damage your self

    I doubt if any one will get arrested but the plice like an easy life for issuing tickets

    He needs to contact the police asap, he's already in bother for having driven off so it'd be best if he tried to do the right thing now before the police come looking for him.
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