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    i posted a thread on saturday about my car, as i was driving home there was a clunking snapping kind of sound and then the clutch felt funny when pushing it down and when it was coming back up, the car was still able to drive. anyway i took it to the garage today as i was worried about driving it with my young daughter in, they rang me after they had looked at it and said they cannot find anything wrong with it. i dont understand as the sound it made didnt sound good, is it possible they could be lying, i dont think they would as they would want the work and money i suppose, i just find it strange they couldnt find anything. would it be worth getting it looked at again by a different gargae.


    Yes - try another mechanic.

    sometimes your abs kicks in (car thinks its braking) and the clutch feels funny (kind of shudders!) after this generally the car's fine.... i know this as my last 2 cars have done this when braking heavily

    also the sound is like a clunking noise and it is quite frightening, but testing the brakes yourself (without your wee one in it) and see if it feels ok

    it does happen, we've had cars in where the customer has reported a noise like the wheel is about to drop off, but we have found nothing, unfortunatly if we cant find anything we cant do anything.

    it may be the self adjuster on the clutch. that would make a clicking noise when you release the clutch pedal. THis happens every few hundred miles or so. it is normal for this to happen.

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    the brakes are fine, its the clutch that felt funny, my partners picking it up tomorrow so will see what he says when hes driving it. i think i will get it checked again just to put my mind at rest as i would never forgive myself if anything happened while i had my daughter with me.

    sounds like self adjusting clutch mechanism - there is a cable & ratchet system and every now and again you can get the noise as the clutch pedal height adjusts according to clutch wear
    have had this on a fiesta before
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