Car Advice: My Turbo Died today

    Just wondering if anyone could recommend a turbo dealer, either brand new, recon, or used(with some warranty at least) .

    so far, new = £600
    recon £340
    used fleebay £200 (not even sure if its correct part number)

    any help repped.


    what car is it mate? different cars different prices lol

    Original Poster

    pug 307 1.4hdi, tho now its pulls like a 700cc.

    Original Poster

    would a citroen 1.4hdi use the same turbo (same part number etc)

    Find a breaker near you just googlee peugoeut breakers and the area you live in and should be able to source a second or reconditioned turbo for very cheaply,

    remmeber to change oil feed pipe as that what makes it go haraab
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