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    Hi, I'm looking for some advice, Ultimately I know the car will need to go into a garage, But I at least wanna go in there with some kind of knowlegde, so I don't get repairs I dont need.

    Anyway I drive a 6 year old zafira, recently It started making a sqealing noise, When I touch the brake pedal or turn slightly left or right, the squeling seems to stop.

    My first thought was the brakes, I got them, all checked and the front 2 needing changing, so i got it all done. However the squealing came back almost suddenly : (.

    Now they said they couldn't get the back wheel of the drivers side without damaging it for some reason, I don't know why. They checked the other back one and said that brake was fine, so they probably both are the same. Could it be that one has worn a lot more than the other? Would it make a squealing noise?.

    My next thought was the power steering fluid. Now on trying to check this I can't get the cap of it, however from giving it a bit of a shake I can see thats its almost full.

    On this I'm totally out of ideas and any knowledge forwarded my way would be much appreciated.



    Have they checked the discs and pads (rather then just the pads?) Could be:

    Wheel bearings
    Brakes (pads or discs)
    CV boot(s) split
    Knackered tyres can also cause noise
    Power steering pump

    You need to make sure you can get your wheel off, so I would get that sorted as well.


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    yeah I got a thorough check, apart from on that one wheel. pads and discs were changed at the front

    all the tyres are pretty new and seem fine

    You really need to find out why they couldn't get the wheel off as there could be a problem with the bearings or a stuck shoe. Does it pull to the left or right under braking?

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    You really need to find out why they couldn't get the wheel off as there … You really need to find out why they couldn't get the wheel off as there could be a problem with the bearings or a stuck shoe. Does it pull to the left or right under braking?

    Nah on breaking the car does exactly as it should : ), apart from the noise there don't seem to be any problems that are noticable!

    There could possibly be some grit or a small stone stuck in between your shoes and the drum (or pad and disc) on the wheel they can't remove that sits there when you're driving, squealing away, but as soon as you brake it moves and therefore the sound goes.
    I've had this twice!!

    one side brake shoe could have stuck on
    this would mean you now got metal to metal
    it happen to me one shoe was like ne and othe nothing left

    Does your car have alloy wheels.
    If so they can stick.
    Fix is jack up car take out wheel nuts or bolts then with the sole of your foot kick top and bottom of wheel time and time again.
    Or lower jack very slow till weight of car forces wheel to fall off.
    Kicking is best for beginner.
    Sounds like worn pads.metal to metal.

    as Big wheels says if the wheels are alloy you could have a "corroded" wheel stuck on the hub, they should be able to knock it off with a plastic dead-blow hammer then smear some copper slip onto the wheel where it makes contact that will stop it happening again.

    Have you got discs on the back or drums, if its discs you should be able to look through the wheels to have a rough idea at the state of the brakes.

    as for the sequealing could be a number of things, but the front pads may need some anti-squeal putting on the contact surfaces (not the friction material).

    I know it's probably hard to be more specific but can you give any more detail on the squealing noise? Is it higher or lower pitched? Does it sound like it's coming from the back or the front of the car? My Mum has a Mk 1 Zafira which had very similar symptoms to what you've mentioned as the noise stopped when turning or using the brakes. It was something to do with one of the brakes I think but would need to check to find out.


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    Thanks for all the advice so far.

    The car does not have alloy wheels.

    I think on the information given, a garage is my best bet, definately get that back wheel removed somehow and see if that is causing somekind of problem.
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