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...I'm looking to buy a car and have up to £3000 to spend (although would rather not spend that much!). I like VW Golf, Chrysler Cruisers best but also like Honda CRV's. I need something with 3 seats in the back..I like Suzuki 4x4's but they only have 2 seats. Does anyone have a Chrysler? Good, bad? Or recommend me something please?

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Depends what you want out of a car.

For reliability you can't do much better than a Honda.

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I don't do a lot of mileage...prob only up to 5000 a year. I need to be able to fit 3 adults in the back and 3 cricket bags in the boot. Would like 4 doors.

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Oh, and I don't like estates

Ford Focus or Golf

You like a Golf, I recommend a Golf. Done.

Honda are very reliable, but you need to look to the more recent model (last 6 or so years i believe). Golf would be my recommendation all day long. gti has a good deal of punch, 3 seats in the back arent amazingly big in 3 door model, 5 door is better but middle seat is still only an occasional use thing really. Look out for the common faults, (look on autotrader for a good list and also 'what car' for useful info. check out the expected value before you go and be prepared to haggle. I recently bought a MK4 golf gti in outstanding condition for just £1490. with your budget, you could replace ALL major parts that could go wrong, eg: exhaust, cambelt, coils and plugs, starter motor and still have change. plenty of specific info on the sites to read, such as looking out for common oil leak, rust areas, milky oil caps, screaming noise when you start the motor, etc. If possible, try not to give dealers warning you are coming. you want to hear a car started from cold and check underneath the car, etc. dealers will leave a car running and often move its position to avoid you noticing the basics. At the moment, it is a buyers market, but this chops and changes almost by the week at the moment! Another thing to consider is that you should get a 3 month warranty. after this, it is worth having the package from the AA to cover recovery, home start, onward journey AND up to 5 repairs tp a value of £500 and you pay the first £25. pros and cons to it, but if you haggle you can get it for £150 ish for a car over 10 years or 100k on the clock, which i guess covers most cars in your budget and would give you a little added security. Also, pay the £9.95 ish to let you check as many cars as you like for the weekend for hpi, accident, etc. worth every penny good luck and have fun test driving
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