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Found 22nd Aug 2008
Right, i drive a little ford fiesta but its not really mine as i share it so im looking to get a car next year but i may fancy some neat little alloys like 17inch.

Do they increase fuel consumption a lot? Also,

Where can i get alloys cheap from the internet? Any particualr sites to check etc?

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I don't see any reason why alloy wheels would increase fuel consumption, unless you drive a lot faster with new sportier looking wheels.

There are plenty of outlets doing alloys, Halfords do packages for wheels and tyres starting from £299 a set. A quick search on Google throws up hundreds of suppliers, E-Bay always has plenty listed. Just ensure that you specify exactly what car they are to go on as there are different "off-sets", number of bolts, studs or bolts and bolt pcd.

The more popular the model of car the better the choice will be. Changing up from a 15" wheel to a 17" wheel will require a low profile tyre. If the tyre profile is incorrect then the speedo reading will be wrong, the circumference of the wheel is critical to the speed of the vehicle. If the overall circumference increases then the distance travelled for each wheel revolution will increase, this will mean that the car is travelling faster than the speedo indicates. It will not be a valid defence when you are being prosecuted for speeding!

A good set of wheels can enhance the look of the car, but get it wrong and it can look like a dogs dinner!

Choose wisely.
cool, cheers i will. I just thought if the tyres are more thinner its more work for the engine too do
]Corsa Alloys

The above link shows some wheels on a Corsa, and prices with tyres.
Prepare for a very bumpy ride!

Put some 16's on our Picasso (only upgrading from the 15" steel wheels) and it has made so much difference on the ride.

Am now searching eBay to replace my old 15's.
Yes they do increase fuel consumption, increase wear on suspension/steering components (due to the added weight/width of the wheel) and unless the cars lowered it'll end up looking like a tractor. Also unless you get it spot on offset wise the car will handle like a sofa on castors. Max I would go on a festa is 16" (or an escort for that matter) but would recommend 15" tbh.

Oh and if you're buying online you want ET35-40 PCD 4x108.
Fuel comsumption increase? Perhaps only very very very marginally, nothing worth worrying about
A good reason you shouldn't put 17's on a standard ford.... (lovely tractor/4x4 mod :lol:)

The same but lowered, notice the difference....
cool. what a difference!

So, i might go ahead with it next year, i need to get saving

A good reason you shouldn't put 17's on a standard ford.... (lovely … A good reason you shouldn't put 17's on a standard ford.... (lovely tractor/4x4 mod :lol:)The same but lowered, notice the difference....


In picture Two the white van has moved!
Ritchie 2;2805150

GOT IT!In picture Two the white van has moved!

And the garage door is wider.
And dont forget to inform your insurance Company, no doubt they`ll want to increase your premium. :whistling:
I've got 17" on my Fiesta Mk6. Had no problems with anything thus far. I just need to drop it down by about 40mm though.

Look around on Fiesta Owner Club forums and you might be able to pick up some cheap alloys from there.
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