Car audio - Teesside thief!

    Long story short.

    Parked at teesside went in to a shop for less than 5 mins, came out. My passenger side lock had been "jimmied" open with a screw driver and the scally/smack head made off with my cd player :-(

    point of the thread... sympathy, only joking

    looking for decent websites for an anti-shock cd/mp3 player saw a nice one with a divx player but i will probs crash if i have that in my car :roll:


    where in boro where you?

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    teesside park, took my gf to go see a film (messengers, was scared lol). got back to my car and it was fine. had to nip in to morissons for a couple of things, was away no more than 5 mins came back and my stereo had gone

    Where were the security guards...! Not all smoggies are smack heads tho, im wuvvley! ...My mate in cardiff parked outside cinema on sunday, and some scroat done the same to him. You just cant have nout these days

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    went inside morissons and spoke to the security guard he said thier cameras don't cover where my car was parked. I was parked about 2 or 3 spaces away from a sign that said something along the lines of BEWARE THESE PREMISES ARE MONITORED BY CCTV.

    he told me to go to park security and they said that morissons is a privately owned area and that thier cameras don't cover it.

    didn't ring the police cos

    A. neither the morissons guard, nor the Park security people had the local police number (so they say).


    B. not gonna claim off insurance cos i don't want my premium to go through the roof.

    wanted a new stereo anyway, my mate said you could have sold your old one instead of getting someone to knick it again. ( been stolen once before, except the last time was in Darlo).

    i'll stop dribbling now. n get myself a bottle of dog :-D

    How about Blaupunkt SanDiego MP27?
    Blaupunkts come with 2 years warranty and 2 years free theft insurance (probably because their products are so ugly they are quite confident no one would steal it :))

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    ok blaupunkt sounds good, wanna spend around £150 and would like the digital shock thimmy-ma-jig :-D

    If you want to spend that much on Blaupunkt, try ]Queens MP56 - this one got USB connector, so that you could plug USB hard disk to it (self powered) and play MP3s straight from hard drive.

    Or for 40 quid more, get ]Hamburg MP57. This one got Bluetooth handsfree built-in, USB port for hard disk (or flash drive).

    Most of Blaupunkts can be combined with ]iPod adaptor. Then you can control iPod (put it to glovebox :)) from the radio.

    Jeez, I must sound like Blaupunkt promoter! And my own Blaupunkt Travelpilot satnav just died

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    :thumbsup: thanks mr Blaupunkt, I mean Kommunist, will consider those choices.
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