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    Would installing a heavy duty battery be move effective in starting a car? I have a standard battery in at the moment (6 months old), but the car seems to be sluggish in starting, so I am thinking that a heavy duty battery might give the engine a bigger kick - before I do! Any ideas?



    It's more likely to be your spark plugs that need replacing than your battery, especially if it's only 6 months old. I had the same problem last year with an old peeugot, took ages to start in the cold. Changed the spark plugs and it started first time every time since!

    You shouldn't really have to move away from the standard battery, are you sure it's charging ok. As above perhaps it's more an ignition issues rather than just a power one. Check the leads, coil and plugs first asit's free and fairly easy before spending any more money.

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    Thanks, I'll try the sparks first.

    Could be an issue with old HT leads that are causing a little bit of damp to get in..

    Is it a sealed battery? If not do you regularly check the levels inside? Failure to top up acid with distilled water exposes the plates and will reduce the efficiency of your battery.

    Is the " standard battery " the correct one for your car?, they may look the same but they have a CCA rating.

    CCA = Cold Cranking Amps.

    Check you battery terminals; any slight corrosion will have a significant impact. Remove the terminals, give a rub with emery paper or even a scouring pad, coat in petroleum jelly and refit securely.
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