car battery

    after being rescued this morning by the RAC ive been told my car is in need of a new battery, just wondered if anyone new of any good relatively cost effect site that do delivery and install.

    Its for VW Sharan 2.o

    any help appreciated thanks :thumbsup:



    delivery and installation is the hard part, you'll pay through the nose for something like that. But any self respecting helpful type man will be able to fit a car battery. I would initially suggest trying your local breakers/scrap yard for a replacement battery, they will be the cheapest.

    However if fitting really is an issue any halfords will supply and fit a new one.

    I realise that if you do not have a car to get to halfords, this may be a problem, however I think you can order from their website, but again you will have a fitting issue.

    fitting is a ten minute job and is as easy as can be , you will need a couple of spanners thats all

    recovery may cost you 100+ quid so why not simply phone your local mechanic up and ask him to pop over and install a new battery , should cost 50 quid all in , a cheap battery will be 30 quid and 20 quid for his time , dont forget to mention a cash job to entice him to do it out of hours

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    cheers peeps, will phone local scrapyards up now thanks again

    i wouldnt bother with a scrapyard to be honest, for the sake of a few extra pound you may aswell buy new.

    somethings are best replaced with new imo and a car batery is one. tyres are another.

    If your buying new I can recommend Varta batteries over your standard Halfords ones, your local motor factors ( should stock them
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