Car Battery for Peugeot 206, 1.4, 99

Found 20th Aug 2007
I think that I need a replacement battery. My battery keeps on going dead, Ive had 3 jump starts since over the weekend and after parking my car each time I have been unable to restart it without a jump start. It all started last week when I left my medium lights on when I went to bluewater ( I never had no problems beforehand )

Had a look in halfords but they're charing about £65. I seen the below on a website but was wondering if anybody knew if I could get a better price somewhere for a battery that will work with my car.

These are a couple that I found online so far. I not sure but think that I might be better of getting the higher powered battery as I connect my amp to the battery aswell, what do you guys think ? or will the cheaper one be just as good ?

BOSCH BATTERY TYPE 063 45Ah 255/420 212Lx175Wx175H 0/1 B13
BOSCH - 063 £46.48

LION BATTERY TYPE 063 44Ah 210/390 212Lx175Wx175H 0/1 B13
LION - 063 - £37.92
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just charge the battery over night, and if it keep going it could be your alternator not charging the battery when the engine is running
okay, so maybe I should look to get a battery charger ? hopefully it wont be the alternator...that sounds more expensive / complicated
yeah battery charger should just charge up your battery, but if it goes again i would guess a bad alternator
Buy a charger from argos unpack it carefully test it out to find out if its the battery or not then pack it up and take it back.
:thumbsup: Good idea, hopefully they're not under the exclusions they do on some things.
Take your car in to a small local garage, they will soon tell you if it is the battery or the alternator, or both.

You could also have an electrical short in your wiring system that is discharging the battery.
If the car battery is around 3 years old or older, then most likely will be the battery. Be careful with the Argos suggestion - their terms state the item has to be returned unused, and sometimes they spend over 10 minutes trying to find evidence that an item has been used!!
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