Car battery Jumper power bank

Found 12th Nov 2017
Hi can anyone recommend a power bank that you can jump a 1.6 litre car if the battery goes dead this winter ??? Cheers
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£43 reduced from £48 but you may find cheaper if you shop around, try Amazon
A lot easier to carry in car is one of these

Jumps my 2.5l petrol no probs…T4/

Given smaller size this may work for you, didn't for mine though…CGM
We bought a 50800 portable power bank from eBay a few years back
Plenty of options on eBay about 30 quid
I've jump started a diesel transit with one and the guy laughed at me when I popped it out of the case , been a lifesaver and jump started so many cars with it
You can also charge laptops , phones etc with them , only downside I found it won't charge my Samsung tablet
got Link for £40 the other week, works perfectly on my 1.6 mini. apparently does up to 4L.
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