Car boot advice please?

Found 7th Sep 2011
I'm going to do a car boot sale soon and not sure what to ask for things like dvds? I'm gona try and sell my whole dvd collection with over 200+ dvd's, do you think saying £2 a dvd is ok? Also I have a biorb fishtank with stand etc.. and an old tower computer from about 2005, mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers etc.. I think it was about 1.5gb

Thanks for your help
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Some bootsales round here dont let the public in till the time it starts, so if you get and set up early you dont get swamped. Once you set up i would price up all the items. Dvds tend to sell for anything from a £1 upwards. If you start at £2 then reduce them down. I would also try and see if another stall holder is selling dvds as you may have someone else selling them for a £1. Good luck and make sure you take some bags and change.
did one a month or so back

basically best advice is be prepared to accept offers its a buyers market for sure

£2 a dvd is probably a bit high but nothing wrong with starting there if people show an interest in half a dozen be prepared to accept say £1 per dvd then , depends on whether you want to take anything home i didnt and maybe i gave some stuff away at lower than i should but so what its wasnt any good to me and i made about £250 all in all

gd lk anyway
theres 2 local to me, one is quite large, i found that so many people were sell dvd's and they are almost all around £1, also find that quite a few stalls have the same kinda titles lol so maybe £2 is a tad too high, maybe have a look around and see what else is going and lower it if needed
Most car boot sales I've been to sell DVDs for £1 and slightly more for special editions. Maybe start at £2 and go lower near the end to sell more. You could also do £2 each, 3 for £5.
My local car boot DVDs £1, CDs £1, PS3 Games £4-£5, Paperbacks 50p and Hardbacks £1. You could post everything on here first at the same prices plus postage and then what you do not sell take to the car boot. That way you get two bites of the cherry.
Do you want to get rid of them, and hope to make some money in the process? Then sell them for £1 each. Do you want to make money? Then sell them for £2 each.

Ask yourself "What would I be willing to pay if I was buying the item?" Answer honestly! Then price accordingly.
DVDs are usually a £1 each at a car boot.
I had a car boot sale the other week. I pitched up a 6am and didn't leave til 5pm... I even nearly made enough to fill up my car for the journey home!
Definitely £1 for a DVD there are so many of them at car boot sales. If you want as much as possible to go and avoid taking loads home with you again sell cheap and be prepared to accept offers from buyers. Buyers don't get up at 6am on a Sunday to spend over the odds and most of them know when something is a good deal and when to avoid a seller because they've carefully labeled everything but its all way overpriced.
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Thanks for the advice everyone, we have got a baby on the way so I'm wanting to get rid of everything really as have limited space in my house. Any ideas on the computer and fishtank? I need the space so do want to get rid but still want to make money, £10 or is this to low?
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