Car bought from Copart reported stolen 3 months later!

Posted 18th Jun
Being a bargain hunter I decided to buy a BMW convertible from Copart. It was written off January 2019. Sold by Copart around July 2019 while damaged. Got repaired and back on Copart November 2019 after being fully repaired. I bought it without V5. I had to wait 2 months to get the log book from DVLA. So I got the V5 in February 2020. I was stopped by the police in April 2020 as car reported stolen in March 2020. They accepted my documents and let me go but asked me not to sell the car until they finish their investigation. It seems a trader bought the damaged car from the insurance company after January 2019 and sent it to be repaired. Only for the garage to sell on Copart in July 2019 without consent. The garage doesn't exist anymore!!
What are my chance of losing the car and my money! where have they been for more than a year before reporting the theft!!
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Did you pay for a Hpi check ?.
If so your covered for these problems.
Can’t believe the police didn’t impound your car. Not faulting you at all but that’s unheard of round here. They’d impound you for less.
Talk to copart. If you bought from them then you would be going to them for redress.

How did you pay?
Was it an auction or a straight sale?

Expect to hear from the traders insurer.
If the car is stolen then the trader is still the legal owner, as the garage did not have the legal right to sell the car on. What happens next depends on what the trader wishes to do (assuming that the trader can prove that he is, in fact, the legal owner). This link may help explain better:…es/
Hope you didn't pay much.
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Potentially risky business when buying Category classed cars. My personal views are to walk away unless you know the seller personally.
I bet the garage didn’t pay the repairs so they sold it off which is illegal.
You should be covered mate as you can take copart to court.
If you do lose the car and have to go after Copart for your money, don't expect them to be very helpful.
I've had dealings with them in the past and they were not at all co-operative when they caused further damage to a vehicle I'd already bought, not a great company to deal with.
Copart have been come well known and people still think there is bargain to be had there. On occasion there but there are a lot people fighting for it these days!

Between last summer and epidemic as youtubers and forum fanciers piled data about Copart on the internet the amount of dodgy stuff at the auctions increased massively!

I often suggest people, are you someone who knows about things first? Do you have an ear on the ground or do you mostly gather your info from popular internet sites, newspapers or the pub? If its the later then your too late and the every increasing amount of scammers in this country are already there waiting for you!
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