Car break down recovery?cheapest one?

    Hi me and my family are going to be travelling 300 miles in our car and im guessing its best to have breakdown cover just in case,i want one that will get me and my family home or car fixed or given a hire car while my car is taken home,whats the best one to have?never had break down before on a car



    I have RAC....It was the best at the time (a few months ago)....not sure about now

    I got the AA for £29 went through quidco got £19 back and there was a code on here to add the relay for £10 but i think thats finished now so all in all i paid £20 for everything which would usually have cost around £60+



    You may already have it through your bank account. Some of the banks offer extras - breakdown, holiday and mobile phone insurerance on gold/platinum etc accounts, check with them if yours does.


    ]Autoaid £37

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    You really must look at AutoAid. Excellent value.

    You have to pay the breakdown company, by credit card or whatever, then AutoAid reimburses you.

    Go to MoneySavingExpert, look under breakdown insurance, and see all the positive comments from people who have used AutoAid.
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