Car break down service?which one to choose?

    Hi i need some car breakdown service and and confused to what one i should go with,i want one that will take my car back home and also myself,i would like it take to take also who ever is also in the car but ive heard that will cost around 150

    id like to pay monthly if possible,im with lloyds tsb and hear they do a break down service if i upgrade my acc,anyone got this?



    Try Tesco it cost me £55.00 for the year they use green flag for their recovery.


    yes tsb charge about £6 a month and give you aa breakdown and free mobile phone insurance
    green flag rac and AA found AA best by a long way quicker send their own patrol men who try to fix car at side of road
    others send local recovery garage who are only bothered about towing you home they get paid more
    pay a bit more and go for AA either through tsb or their own website hopefully you never need it but if you do then you will be happy with AA
    i should get a job selling aa cover


    lloydstsb select account
    i ve used recovery a few times never a problem take me home and car to a garage


    others send local recovery garage who are only bothered about towing you … others send local recovery garage who are only bothered about towing you home they get paid more

    Not strictly true as most clubs will have a free mileage allowance agreement with the local recovery contractor that they use.
    Also would depend on the recovery driver, most would prefer to fix your car, rather than go on a pointless 400 mile round trip if they are near to finishing their shift and going home for a nice hot dinner and to relax for the evening.

    we got green flag free with our insurance

    I have the upgraded Lloyds acc recovery. Only had to use it once,they use the AA, it is good, but its a wait generally, they take your car to a garage or home, and drop you off locally in my case.. I 'm self employed, so this waiting around does cost me money, so I 'm also am a member of Brittania Rescue, each time I've had to use them they are quick to arrive. They have even actually managed to fix at the roadside, the AA harp on in their adverts about fixing your car at the roadside, but sadly in all my years of using them I have yet to experience this! Brittania Rescue costs around £120 a year, buts its good value. OR get yourself a japanese car.

    Swift cover @ £59.99 will give you roadside recovery, onward travel, hotel or even a hire car for 24 - 48 hrs which is great because the one time i had to use it for my BMW and was able to get around and pick up parts to take to my mechanic. (I believe there's also something about lost key cover)

    I took out comprehensive cover including Homestart with [url][/url] last October. It cost £42 and included free legal expenses cover (apparently worth £19.50), together with a £40 Virgin wines voucher, which means you can get a case of 12 bottles of decent wine for around £40. So, if you are a regular wine drinker like me, it effectively only costs £2 for a year's breakdown cover:-D

    I thought this was a pretty good deal. I've shown the main features below

    Type of insurance and cover provided:
    This is motor breakdown insurance providing roadside assistance and vehicle recovery services in the United Kingdom.

    Eligibility requirements:
    Cover only applies to:
    • Vehicles under 7 years old (or between 8 and 10 years old or between 11 and 15 years of age if the appropriate supplement has been paid) – see Eligible Vehicles
    • Vehicles up to 2,500kg, length 7m, height 3m, width 2.25m – see Eligible Vehicles
    • Vehicles carrying not more than the number of seats in the vehicle up to a maximum of 8 persons including the driver – see Eligible Vehicles
    • A maximum of six assistances in any one year – see Insured Incident

    Significant features and benefits:
    Your policy includes the following benefits which are explained in detail in the policy document:
    • Dedicated 24 hour telephone number for assistance 365 days a year
    • Call out and up to one hour’s assistance at your home or the roadside, and if necessary, transportation of you and your vehicle to the nearest suitable repairer
    • If the vehicle can not be repaired the same day, transportation of you and your vehicle to your home or your original destination or repairer of your choice, or up to £100 for; a hire car for 24 hours or public transport or overnight bed and breakfast accommodation
    • Medical transfer and assistance

    Legal Expenses Cover:
    You are covered for legal costs up to £50,000 inclusive of VAT
    and opponent’s costs, in any one period of insurance, to enable
    you to pursue:
    • Claims for damage to your vehicle
    • Claims for injury or death
    • Claims for uninsured losses such as policy excess, loss
    of earnings, travel expenses etc
    • PLUS £5,000 Medical costs to pay for private hospital
    treatment following an injury where you use the legal costs cover
    to pursue a claim against a third party
    • PLUS a Replacement vehicle for the time your vehicle is off
    the road, subject to insurance conditions and legal advice
    If you have a legal problem, please ring the Helpline for
    confidential advice. Our experts are available 24 hours a day,
    365 days a year.
    Your vehicle will be recovered from the scene of the accident to
    the nearest approved garage. Payment for this service following
    a non-fault accident will form part of your claim.
    We are able to arrange for your vehicle to be repaired on credit
    allowing you back on the road as soon as possible.
    SOS Messaging service ensuring your loved ones can be
    Windscreen and side windows replacement service
    Keys locked in Your car? An appointed agent will help you gain
    access to your vehicle
    Ring the Helpline for a free route map anywhere in the UK and

    Hope this is of use!!!!

    I have checked the 2 main companies which are RAC and AA and i have worked it out for the National cover with both companies. This does not include onward cover which pays for train tickets etc.

    So with the RAC its £68.25 you get £30.00 from quidco so it works out £38.25

    AA is £72.25 and quidco is £40.00 so in total it would be £37.25

    The AA works out cheaper but only a pound but it would depend on who and what you would prefer.

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    lloydstsb select account i ve used recovery a few times never a problem … lloydstsb select account i ve used recovery a few times never a problem take me home and car to a garage

    would it also cover any passengers i have in the car,would want to get myself,car and everyone home
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