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Posted 9th Apr
hi guys anyone recommend a car break down cover please many thanks
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If you also want inclusive recovery after an accident or vandalism, and none of the "recovery to nearest garage regardless of time of day" rubbish, plus a few other items that most other providers charge extra for, consider annual personal cover for single or couple at about total £48 via AutoAid, often less if a Groupon promo is running…er/
Get mine free nowadays , but when I had to pay we used auto aid for years , never had any problems with them .
I always get it with whoever I insure car with. Usually works out cheaper. Get online quote save it then phone up and haggle it down. They sometimes knock £50 or so off.
I always use start rescue, cheap as chips and excellent service on the two occasions I've needed to use them.
Another one for Startrescue
One random neg observation with StartRescue: "If, in the opinion of the Recovery Operator, they are unable to repair the vehicle at the roadside, we will arrange for the vehicle, you and the passengers to be recovered to a garage for repair, your home or original destination, whichever is nearer".
Note the "whichever is nearer" phrase, so good luck if you break down 100miles from home on your way to an Easter hol on the eve before Good Friday and the local garage you are dragged to is closed until the following Tuesday.
And another for start rescue
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