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    I am about to renew my breakdown cover with Brittania, at present i am covered on one of my 2 vehicles, i am looking for cover for myself and wife on both our cars, and am looking for standard cover, any ideas? thanks


    I'm just renewing mine and will prob go with Green Flag as best cover for reasonable price. Also with Quidco you get £20 (altho not till 4 months after but every little helps!)

    i just went with the AA, £76 but this covers me in any vehicle so if the wife breaks down ill just go sit in her car she never goes far and joint was just too much money.
    this is also a get you home police not just to the nearest garage
    my main reason was the any vehicle policy, i also have a motorbike so this is great for me
    think the RAC is a similar price

    check your bank first. I was paying £16 per month with my bank for extra's which included breakdown with home start. I cancelled it on my account and took it back out on our joint account so now me and the missus get all the benefits each for one £16 per month fee

    If you go through Quidco with the RAC or the AA the basic cover in only a small account as the cashback is quite good.

    AA you get £19 for policies under £75

    RAC £20 for basic roadside, basic roadside with nationwide recovery and basic roadside with at home - breakdown cover


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    thanks guys, just had a quote from INSURANCE CHOICE they have quoted for roadside & recovery which is recovery from 1 mile from home to any uk destination or home address for £53.00 in total for both my wife and myself, sounds good


    +1 - If you always carry a credit card this is a no-brainer.


    +1 - If you always carry a credit card this is a no-brainer.

    Even if you don't have your card with you then you can ask to be invoiced.

    try this covers a lot of sites i got mine for £39…sed

    just fill up every 14 days

    if you bank with royal bank and are paying the £12.95 for the royalties gold account one of the main benefits is that you would be automatically cover through greenflag

    If you have Tesco clubcard points check out there deals.
    With clubcard Deals you get 4x the value of your vouchers.
    I have joint RAC cover with recovery and homestart for £39
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