Car breakdown cover query.

Posted 29th Jan
Can anyone explain to me about car breakdown cover/roadside assistance.
I've never took it out and it's for my sons car, so not 100% sure what it covers. I know that you can get various covers and they take you to a garage if they cant fix it at the roadside/home but who covers the cost of repair if say an engine light comes on and something needs replacing.
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There are different levels of cover.
Basic. Takes your car to local car and fix it.
Second higher cover.
You break down anywhere in the UK if they can't fix your car, than they will take it back to your home or your choice of destination.
For higher cover add home start. Usually you have to break down a few miles away from home to get help but with home start they will come to your house.
The most expensive but the best service I would rate AA.
Get startescue or rescuemycar.i recommend both.
As others have stated, there a lots of levels available.
As for who pays to fix the car that would be the car owner your son.
Unless you go with the AA, taking out breakdown with them you can get parts and garage cover.
your car need a service every year to keep the repair policy valid.
£535.00 of repairs for a £35.00 excess for a 66 plate the cover is £75.00 a year plus AA cover
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The roadside assistance provides about 1 hour of labour; but any parts or materials used by the roadside patrol are typically chargeable. If the vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside it will usually be taken to nearest garage or your (or the operator's) preferred destination depending on what level of cover you have and what the recovery terms are.

Just like any other insurance: some companies cover items that others don't; common exclusions / inclusions are assistance or not for misfuels, assistance or not for lost or damaged keys, assistance or not after accident/vandalism. AutoAid tends to be generous with inclusions.
My tip? Make sure you download and READ all the T's & C's of the particular cover you choose. Some hide in plain sight extra charges for if you call them out and then find your vehicle starts or doesn't require them now. Some take one of your allotted "callouts" as a penalty whilst others charge you a significant amount.

Also, take in to consideration the times that you/your Son call for assistance. Many alter the way they assist according to the time of the callout. For instance, if you have nationwide recovery and you call at say 2pm. They may elect to only recover you to the nearest local garage to effect a repair if no roadside repair can be done. If; however; you were to wait until 4pm (or later) it can rule out the 'local' recovery and they will take you and the vehicle home (or onwards if you so wish/have cover) instead so it's worth waiting if you'd rather get home!

There are many other tricks when it comes to breakdown recovery so: READ, READ, READ.

Best regards, Phsy.
Also, if it's any use to you the best value cover I could find whilst researching for someone else was; based on a good balance of service/£ and no obvious 'hidden' penalties:

2* or 3* cover
6 claims per year
Free Legal Expenses Cover (so you could leave it off your car insurance if paying for it as an extra.)
Accident recovery included

If considering the above, check if their discount codes work still. Some were:

15APP (15% off)
DT4A (15% off)
MVC58481599A (15% off)
ST1220 (25% off - but this has limited success.)
+1 StartRescue
+2 for start rescue
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