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Found 3rd Aug 2009
I am thinking of buying a new car as part of the scrappage scheme, but being a car novice I am looking for some help to identify what is the best deal for me. Currently I use a 1996 Ford Fiesta Classic Diesel, which has served me well for free years but can get expensive with repairs around MOT time.

I am looking for a small car (I believe they are referred to as "Superminis"), but comfortable in the back as I car pool to work, which is about 50 miles each day (25 each way), so fuel economy is important. I am 27 with 1.5 years no claims, so insurance is worth considering.

I have done some research and found that the Hyundai I20 sounded good, but then I heard the tax on it will be high in the next few years. Is this true? The new Fiesta looks nice, but it is in the higher end of the budget I am looking at - I don't want to spend over £10,000 after-scrappage, but I am ideally looking for a decent car priced around £6000 - £8000 after scrappage. Also, when travelling 50 miles to and from work, would a petrol or diesel car be recommended?

Can anyone help?
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