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Hi All, I am just wondering if anybody on here has any experience of having their car Carbon cleaned. I saw an episode of wheeler dealers a while ago where they had it done and according to them it made a vast improvement to the emissions and also improved mpg ect.

My car is pretty high millage and think that it could probably benefit from a clean. I have found someone local to me offering it for £80 for a 30min session.

If anybody has any experience of having this done or advice it would be much appreciated.


firstly is your car diesel or petrol . plus what results do u expect ??
from.what I understand it doesnt clean your EGR valve ... dpf , or intake. for me these are the most expensive areas that suffer from major carbon build up .people say it can give u a smoother idle , or 1 or 2mpg increases
part of me thinks your better off running bp ultimate fuel during the year .... ensure your car has been serviced regularly ... take it for blast on the motorway .

it's a new and interesting yet unproven technology being an alternative to additives and yet does not actually service any of the engine components
Wheelers promote by advertising revenue so not independent but so far few have reported major benefits and it may well be the modern day equivalent of the magnet on the fuel pipe to clean/charge fuel as in the 70's
Give it a go what could go wrong?

Isn't this called a good service? Sounds like a complete waste of money especially if it doesn't clean the vital parts as per chisom says.

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Thank you all for your replies.
I was under the impression that it did clean those vital components to be honest. As this is the case I agree would rather be spending the extra on good quality fuel.

find a long stretch of road and boot it. Go as big as you can in 2nd and watch the **** fly out. Then do it again several times over.
You should this regular 1 a week to keep the innards clean, especially a diesel engine.

I was advised by a terraclean dealer that it would be best not to do it to my car due to the mileage. He explained that carbon build up over time potentially helps hide problems and used the injectors as an example and pointed out old injector ports may be worn and therefore bigger than new ones, the carbon helps reduce the side of the holes and by cleaning away the carbon i may find that the fuel economy suffers and worst case would need replacing.

Are you having issues with the running of the car or fuel economy?

^^ agree with this. Sometimes is could cause more problems. Like cleaning moss off a roof, which can then cause leaks.
If you're happy with your car, leave it alone. Don't fall for the advertising blurb!!!

This has been going in America longer than over here. Results seem to be inconclusive. Tests have shown that high mileage motors benefit very little from this process, where as low mileage motors the tests have shown slightly better improvements.

The garage i work for does terraclean. It is true that on some cars having them terracleaned can highlight underlying issues but garages should be doing a health check first to make sure there are no nasty surprises. Honestly does make a noticeable difference, they demoed 2 cars before we invested in it and we were will impressed. No it won't touch the inlet but there is also an inlet service that you can add as an extra, some gasses will pass through the egr and cat etc bit of doesn't claim to clean those, again there is a seperate store available. Every customer who we have done have been impressed so far
If you do get it done then make sure you go with a terraclean service centre and not engine carbon clean. Terraclean uses highly refined fuel not additives whereas engine carbon clean spray water into your engine!

Not sure if this is the new way of engine flushing?

If so, i woild take caution of high milage motors espically if the service history is sporadic.

Some of thos carbon despots might be stopping oil leaks!…337

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Thanks for your replies everyone. I keep the car regularly serviced and am not currently having any issues. It's on about 170k and get 60mpg and still pulls nicely in every gear. I will consider a terraclean service if any issues start to arise in the future.
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