car cd player not putting out any sound help.,.....edit all sorted thanks

    Hi i put i tried putting in a new cd player in my car and plugged everything in or at leadt im sure i have and when i press the on button nothing happens,what could i be doing wrong,i have never put on in a car before so am i missing somthing silly?thanks


    You may have to alter the power leads at the back.
    Some are powered diffrently.
    Its something to do with the yellow and red wires iirc.

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    mm...this is the one i have…tml

    Check to make sure you haven`t blown a fuse while connecting.

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    this is the kit i bought,i just plugged one of the wires into the cd player and coneevted it to the wires that were going into the original tape player

    Car stereos will have two sources of power. One is constant (from the battery), so you don't lose your preset radio stations. The other is known as 'ignition live'. This is the one which only gets power when the ignition is on. You'll need to get a volt meter (or multimeter) and check the leads which are coming from the car to see which is which. If you're not getting 12v from ANY of the sources, then as cuzzy says you may have blown a fuse.

    What type of connections are coming out of the car at the moment? do they just plug straight into the sockets on the leads you plug into the rear of the radio (known as ISO connections)?

    You should have it wired as per Page 17 on your installation manual here : :thumbsup:…pdf

    But as the guys said above ...check your fuse 1st !

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    HI it all powerd up but there isnt any sound coming from it,any ideas what this could be?thanks

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    thanks for all ya help all sorted now lol
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