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Found 6th Dec 2006
Hi there.

I'm looking to get a Honda CRV new or only a few months old (5k-10k miles or so.)
Looking for a 2.2 diesel executive model (black is possible) with met pain.
Best price I have gotten is £19,750 inc Vat delivered.

I've got a car to trade-in to get this.
I have a Merc, 03 Reg, 220 diesel C-Class Advant Gar SE Auto + Sport pack, Cd multi-changer, leather. Purple
99,000 miles on the clock
£8,400 is the best trade-in price I got

Anybody help please :thumbsup:
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All I could suggest is looking through [url]www.autotrader.co.uk[/url] or eBay motors. Other than that just general research, buy WhatCar? magazine.

I have Dec 2006 issue.

Honda CRV is as follows:

4/5 NCAP rating 3/5 Pedestrian rating

You'll like: Excellent on-road manners and strong performance, especially the diesel. Roomy, versatile and well equipped

You won't: Soon beaten by off-road conditions. Four-wheel drive cuts in abruptly

We say: One of the best of its type. Don't be daunted by its size, the CR-V is suprisingly light anbd easy to drive

Buy: 2.2i CTDiSE 5dr.

There target price for what they consider the best buy is 18,143

On the 2.2 CTDi Exec 5dr target price is 16,476

Target Price hotline 0845 123 2620

Try the following sites:


Try [url]www.broadspeed.com[/url]
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