Car Cigarette Lighter Cable

    I'm looking for a Car Cigarette Lighter Cable that i can use with a uk plug at the other end, i haven't got a clue what they are called or how to find them, i need one for a baby sterilizer for bottles which has a plug. Any help would be great


    .........................i haven't got a clue..............................
    you haven't , you've lost me too .You not pluging something that's 12v into the mains [ 240v] ??
    are you taking about something that run's a 240v item from a 12v source ??
    Yes ,
    It's an inverter you want . Has a 12v ciggy cable and a box with a mains socket on . Allows you to run something you would use at home in the car .
    Lidl's ot Aldi sometime's have them ...............150w that is . Google inverter and see what comes up .

    If I'm wrong with the above ...............I'll get my coat and leave the room .

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    lol i thought i said it as simple as i could for people to understand :-D

    Thanks for the info anyway, yes it is for something i use in the house everyday.

    Anyway i found this one at Amazon ]http//ww…TR4 is this what i need and is this the cheapest i can get it for?

    Thanks again for the help :thumbsup:

    I would be surprise if you could use an invertor for this purpose, i assume that the steiliser has a heating element in it? I dont think an invertor would power that and it may blow your car fuse?

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    yes it does have a heating element in it, i don't want to go buying something that's not going to do the right job or f up anything in the car as i've never used anything like this in the car, that's why i was really hoping that someone on here would have used something like this in a car, as i've heard before that people use small tv's etc in the car.

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    ]Not what you asked for, but is this of any use?

    That's seems good but the only down side is that you can only do 1 bottle at a time, that's why my 6 bottle one would be much better for us to use when camping. thanks anyway :thumbsup:

    Oh , for camping never said .
    Will you be using a separate leisure battery ? Yes you will be able to use an inverter ,BUT find out what wattage/ampage your bottle heater will be using and buy the appropriate model to suit . As mentioned , these inverters come in different wattages ...............and prices . I have 2 , a 200w & a 800W . Depending on the power it uses your battery will quickly flatten . So, you have to have a means of charging . If your using it directly from your car battery and you flatten that power = no car . This is where the leisure battery comes in .A separate power source that wont drain your car battery .
    You know those portable car starters ? I've used one of those for powering lights with my 200w inverter . Lasts for ages , but the lamp is only 34w . You could invest in a portable power pack , they charge from you ciggy lighter in the car . Again I have a few of these , some with the tyre compresser built in , So, I have some experience on the subject . For more info , just ask .
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