Posted 21st Jun 2021
Hello Wonderful People,

So finally managed to buy a new car and now I need some help from the folks who know a thing or two about car maintenance in terms of keeping the car clean.

What products do I need for washing and shining/waxing the car - are the autoglyms to go for - asking also coz they are on good price in the Prime Day Sale right now.

What do I need for the interiors - leather seats, dashboard and the like - I was looking at…0EY ?

Lastly how about the alloys and wheels - normal car wash shampoo from Autoglym good for them or do they also need some specific items?

Pardon my ignorance here and the set of questions - but so far I have driven an old run down car which never needed more than the £5 Halfords car cleaners

Thanks again for all your help.
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