Posted 18th Dec 2022
Please, anyone knows of a decent and cost effective cosmetics repair cover for 2/3 years? I have found many covers out there, but keen to find one that is tested by someone and found to be reliable. I just can’t fully rely on comments on trustpilot…
Many thanks
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    Never heard of this
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    Never used one, but the Stellantis Group (Well Alfa do also seems Merc does) use this crowd as was offered it. No idea if it's only from new or not, never asked the price either.…ect (edited)
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    Just stop dinging doors and learn where your bumpers are
    With an average of 1000 miles a week the bumper is going to meet something at some point
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    Do you mean Smart Vehicle Repair, i.e. like Chipsaway?
    Yeah, something like that
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    I used to have vauxhall refresh, I hit a Wheely bin and area was slightly larger than they said they'd fix in small print but they did fix it, put 2claims into one.
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