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Car crash my fault, what about excess

Posted 11th Jan 2007

I've been involved in a car crash today and it was my fault :oops: really ashamed of myself but accidents happen! Anyway the damamge to my car is minimal however the other parties car had some serious damage, if he claims off my policy will but i dont as no damage to my car will i still have to pay the excess as when i asked over the phone i was told no wouldnt, but after speaking to people on a car forum i use they seemed to think that i would? Any advice would be great.
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If insurance company said ya don't I'd go with that? If they were wrong tis their own fault :P .. and they can cover it.

What happened anyways?
Was on a dual caariage way and came to a roundabout and took the middle lane when going onto the round about, as if to go in the fast lane.The car on my inside lane (slow lane) was going fast around the round (under took me) when a car coming off the roundabout cut across into his lane so i was looking to see if he was going to try and cut into my lane when the car in front was stationary (in fast lane after the round about) with no brake lights or hazards and i wasnt able to stop in time. Quite funny as when i learnt to drive it was drummed into me to always think of what others drivers were about to (possibly) do, and that momentry lapse in looking at what was going on on my left distracted me and caused me to crash. I'm not trying to find excuses and i admit its my fault, just a bit worried im going to have to pay the high excess.
The excess is only payable on claims made by you for damage to your car (e.g. you smack into a lamp-post, claim for £300 to repair the car, but you will have to pay £50 excess, so the company will only give you £250). If the other guy's insurance company claims from your insurance company the claim is usually met in full. But you will find that next year's premium will be adjusted to reflect this!:-(

If the insurance companies get involved you're going to have to pay your excess as it was your fault.

The only time you don't pay your excess is if the accident wasn't your fault.

Sorry to hear about it anyway. Car accidents are always a bit of a shock. I had 3 in my first 3 years of driving (one not my fault) but I've got three years no claims now...
Which is why you should NEVER admit that the accident was your fault, even if it was, as you could then be liable to pay the excess. (This is why your insurance company will tell you this.) Just give them the facts & let the insurance companies fight it out between themselves.
If you have no intention claiming on your car you wont have to pay your excess! The guy you hit however will probably have to pay his excess to his insurance company for claiming----although your insurance company "should" reimburse that.

As cis_groupie says though your premiums next year will reflect that unless you have protected no claims.
First of all, what's scary is this "fast lane" and "slow lane"; they're mythical, we have an inside lane (left hand lane), centre lane(s), and an outside lane. Please do not use these terms which are technically incorrect. Read this ]RULE courtesy of the highway code web-site please.

Any "accident", regardless of blame, if going through an insurer will mean, at least in my experience ALL parties having to part with their own excess. This is then recovered from the guilty party's insurer and if the person is deemed to have no blame at all, they will receive their excess back, and their NCB will not be affected. This has happened to me on 3 occassions, twice will parked at home :shock:

The guilty party will lose their excess and could still have their premium increased even if your NCB is NOT affected due to having procted NCB. Your NCB does not protect you from having the same, or similar premium, it just reduces your new premium by a fixed percentage. They could whack up your premium next year, not saying they will, but could.

For the record, the term RTA, has been replaced by RTC, since insurers have decided that they're is no such thing as an accident, only a collision and that ultimately, someone is deemed to be to blame somewhere along the line; accidents in this context do not exist.

Oh and whilst i am moaning about pedancy, remember, fog lights are meant for driving in fog not for extra visibility or cos they look "good" Again, another rule on Fog Lights
It can be determined by the Insurance as a 'your at fault accident' and they will pay out to the other party accordingly. Talk 2 your brokers, assuming the policy is in your name. Unless U claim, it is my experience, that U won't pay an excess - did U have legal protection on the policy that provides useful additional protection?. Read that small print word for word - good luck - hope I'm right in the above.

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