Car dash cam or DVR that records whilst the car is switched off?

Found 10th Nov 2017
Hi guys

Does anyone know of any car cameras that run on rechargeable batteries i.e. to record whilst the car is switched off at night?

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Why don’t you connect it to a permanent power supply instead?
Some cars allow you to move a fuse to make the cigarette charger constantly live, otherwise would take some wiring but could pick up a fuse piggyback holder and a female cigarette holder which you could connect to a constant live without messing with the car wiring, BUT I had a car thats cigarette charger was live all the time and the dashcam kept killing memory cards, even branded ones would only last about 2 months, the one time I actually needed it the incident happened late evening, and by the morning it had over written it.
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explains why and how a guy hardwired his dashcam so it'll run 24x7, and also a device to stop it running his car's battery down to flat.
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