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Found 14th Aug 2017
Does anyone know how much I can haggle off a brand new car? In particular Honda Civic Type R? Even better if someone can assist on a discount?

Many thanks
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You won't get anything off the new Type R as there is a waiting list already.

Pop over to the type R forum or facebook page as they might be of some help
Sign up to Carwow to get some prices direct from dealers. You put in your reqts, if dealers are interested they will submit prices. If you like a price then at that point you can make contact with that dealer for more info. Also look at brokers such Broadspeed and DriveThe Deal. Note a broker will want a fee for getting you the deal (about £200) and it'll have delivery mileage on it. Even if you dont use any of them, it'll give you an idea of what the price could be.
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