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    Why is it we never get any new or used car deals on here? I would have thought it would be the ideal place to share a good price one might get from say a local dealer, or a special offer from a main dealer, or even a place to arrange a group of people wanting a car at the same time, and one person from that group leading it, and hit the dealers demanding a really good deal???? Imagine phone up a salesman at a dealer and telling them you have 20 people wanting to buy a motor from you today, but they have to do everyone a out of this world deal. Bash!
    Or would that be too exhausting to get involved with????


    im selling a vectra 05 plate 50k on the clock 1.8 dark blue great car 3500 ono

    its not a bad idea at all. There are a few car deals posted although they normally fill up with people saying how rubbish the car is. I'm currently considering this…-td. I went to my local dealer on Friday as they were running a promotion to sell their cars at cost but they were still 2 grand more expensive than this one.

    I'm selling my exisiting focus 07 plate in black with 49k for 7.2 right now.

    I suppose it's difficult to recommend as the price differs so much, depending on how you haggle and what you are trading in.

    Good luck-I hate dealing with car salesman, I always come away feeling hard done by!!
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