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Posted 30th May 2015
Hi can anyone recommend a decent OBD2 scanner up to about £200.00. I have been looking at the Autel Maxicheck Pro but after posing a question to the UK agent regarding my car, Mazda 6 mk1 2 litre diesel, on Amazon they failed to answer my last question when I pointed out that my car wasn't listed in their compatible vehicles list. They had previously said the tool will perform a forced regeneration of the dpf, a must on my car due to bad design but when I asked them their advert didn't list Mazda, they failed to respond. In fact their answers seem to be written by a robot. Their advert also doesn't say it will do dpf regen yet they told me it did. Now being involved in sales myself I tend to tell customers exactly what products do.

So what I am looking for is a scanner which will do ABS light, Engine Management Light, Traction Control Light and DPF forced regeneration. It would help if it was also Ford compatible too. If anyone has the Maxicheck Pro I would appreciate the feedback as I don't want to part with £209.00 to find it won't do what I want it to.

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