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Found 27th Sep 2017
ugh car drivers who splash people, like why, such cowards
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What's cowardly about it? They are just stupid people
Inconsiderate more like. Like those idiots who are stuck in slow moving traffic but won't let you join from another road.
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very inconsiderate, there don't reliase you could be carrying something sensitive to water and don't think about how now you gotta walk home soaking wet,
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cowardly cause there wouldn't run up and jump in a puddle, there think its all cool cause there can just drive away
Splashing pedestrians on purpose is illegal and you could be prosecuted under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act for careless, aggressive or inconsiderate behaviour on the road.
Original Poster
yea but can you prove it, can splashes u, quickly drives off
jonmarz895 h, 0 m ago

yea but can you prove it, can splashes u, quickly drives off

Possibly not, but someone may have evidence or the 5-0 may be near enough to see.
Sorry but I find that if there is a puddle a pedestrian and I'm in my car the temptation is too much. You're getting wet ;).
in my town, this is the closest the locals come to hygiene, so in a way, i am providing a service..
Was this you Shaun?

Edited by: "shadey12" 28th Sep 2017
If you're going to do it, do it properly

jonmarz8912 h, 17 m ago

yea but can you prove it, can splashes u, quickly drives off

wear a gopro when you walk in the rain
Original Poster
yes getting splashed with dirty water, why walking back from work, luckily my phone was waterproof, and luckily i wasn't going anywhere important, not to mention driving the puddles ain't too good when u put breaks on and find ya tyres too wet , sometimes i see bottles on pavement and get temptation to kick the bottle .
You know they can get procescuted for doing that don't you?
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