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Found 8th Jun
Hi all, sorry to be a pain but I’m after some help. I have a Renault Grand Scenic mk3. The other day the switch panel on my drivers door stopped working. This means I couldn’t open windows, adjust mirrors or operate child locks.
Anyone got a clue as to what this may be. I did remove the panel and waggle the cables. When I did this the windows on the drivers side worked!
Hope you can help!!!
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Renault, say no more.

Probably water ingress.
For my Zafira, it was a problem with the fuse box I believe.
It could well be a problem with the wiring between the car and the door. Then again it could be a whole host of things.
I had a Renault once. Was a lovely car till the electrics started going.
Had a similar issue with the ford galaxy we used to own.
The wiring loom that runs into the drivers door was probably 1cm too short. The constant opening and closing caused one of the wires to break (this was a well known issue with the galaxy.

Good news was the break was accessible (pulled back the rubber boot / gaitor where door meets chassis and there it was). Just used a cheap block connector to join the wires up.
PS as soon as I saw the title of this thread I thought “bet it’s French”
Cheers all. Off to the garage to get royally done over. Wish me luck!:S
Might be an idea to try a local auto electrician if one is available in your area.
Scrap yard.
Nearly called click mechanic but read the reviews do stopped short!
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